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These Notes and Papers are to to inform, and clarify various of the issues that ROMsys deals with. They were written by ROMsys staff & associates, from 1985 onwards. Just to be clear, this section of the web site is non-fiction. Or, at least, we think it is.

Some of these were previously presented in a number of print venues and/or orally. Some appear nowhere but here, or at least these are the 'Master' published documents.

So you know what to expect, a 'Note' is a text document generally at most a printed-page equivalent in length, and without subheadings, though it may have a concluding summary. A 'Paper' is a document which is generally two or three pages in length, will have subheadings, and may include diagrams. Both Notes and Papers may have web references at the end, frequently to Wikipedia.

(c) ROMsys Ltd, July 2015, permission given to use for non-profit making purposes

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