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What is a 'World View', and why is it something you might want to be concerned with? It's a great deal to do with who you are, how you interact with the world you live in. A major issue is that you can be pretty sure no one else shares your exact same world view. Trying to understand how a world view is put together can help, though you might use a quite different paradigm.

Survival is needed before anything else, see Maslow. This is at the base of his 'Hierarchy of Needs', as if you aren't effectively surviving you can't do much. This was, possibly, superseded by Beck's 'Spiral Dynamics', at least in the sense that needs might change, evolve, over time.

So as to be 'part of the world' resources are required. These include: shared language, shared skills, like writing, allowing communication, and shared, or at least compatible, values. Also is needed a stable enough environment to plan for the future. This allows interaction, discussion.

Sources of information are required. A typical one is 'authorities', and this raises the need to verify them, and the need to trust them because verification is 'expensive'. This in turn leads to second-level authorities, who verify for you ('critics'), and issues about consistency, particularly over time. Then there are philosophies, but these will have their strengths and weaknesses, so, how do you know what these are, how applicable they are? Philosophies can change over time, and if so, how do you know they're still useful?

Choice. Things will change, from internal or external pressures. Without choice individuals can't effectively change to handle this. Choice is needed for self-reliance, and on a social level diversity of choice is needed to handle the unexpected. Hopefully individuals who took choices that didn't work can learn, quickly enough, about alternate choices that will work for them.

Self-development. A great deal of 'self' depends on learning, personal and from society. The world will change, so the 'self' needs to become 'larger'. Becoming larger can involve changing in unanticipated ways, which hopefully the individual can come to terms with.

Society includes family, friends, wider society. Society itself needs to manage change, think about the future. Many of the issues that affect individuals are mirrored, at a higher level, in society. Traditions and religion can have a profound effect on how the future is seen, the choices society makes.

So, that is one way to think about how a world view might be put together. Individual world views may use some or most of those, or, might be based on 'I use what works', or, 'My idol is...'. Everyone is standing in a slightly different place, in the world, has different memories, experiences. Once you understand the differences you can figure out how to work with them. Balancing competition with cooperation. It's all a cooperative exercise, after all...

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