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In no way is it claimed that the ROMsys web site is 'perfect'. Everything in life changes, so this is a "work in progress", just like everything else. However, there are a number of clear shortcomings, which you could call 'failings'.

Different people have different requirements, everyone is a little different from everyone else. Yes, there is generally a lot of 'overlap', but these differences should at least be thought about. What this means for web sites is that they should be usable in different ways, by different people.

This doesn't just mean that some people will be using a smart phone, and some a two-metre-diagonal screen. In some cases the environment may be noisy, in others there may be bright light falling on the display, or, the information is needed in a hurry, so a quick way to find it is required.

Some people are more visually-orientated, than work well with plain text. More drastically, some people will have eyesight issues, hearing problems, or even be nearly or totally blind or deaf. This is all ignoring people who use languages other than English.

An ideal web site would adjust to the user, and the user's abilities. It would provide a 'pragmatic interface', one that takes account of the user's requirements. The ROMsys web site has some way to go before it approaches that ideal.

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